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Logistics Engineer/Manager - NAVY - QATAR H/F

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DCI is the reference operator for the Ministry for Armed Forces for the transfer of French military know-how around the world. For more than 50 years, DCI has been active across the full spectrum of defence and security, offering consulting, training and assistance.
Since 2023, DCI has also been a reliable partner for EU and NATO to execute their membership policy in the defence and security fields.
Through its capacity-based approach, DCI offers to countries friendly with France as well as to EU and NATO's partners customised solutions enabling them to have trained personnel and fully operational equipment available. DCI has headquarters in Paris, several international training centers located throughout France and also facilities abroad.
With more than 800 employees from the French armed forces and the civilian world, DCI combines two cultures, forming a single, unique, company.




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Surface vessels - Technical and operational advisor

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Logistics Engineer/Manager - NAVY - QATAR H/F

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Local permanent contract

Job description

As a logistic expert, you will be working under the work contractual management of the DCI Project Manager and under the direct command of Qatar Armed Forces Maintenance & Logistic Commander.

You will :

Contribute to improve the operational capabilities of the QAF Navy by rationalizing its maintenance and logistics chains.
Identify the current dysfunctions in the maintenance and logistics chains.
If necessary, propose ways to improve the general functioning of the maintenance and logistics chains.


Former Naval officer, you have :

- an extensive knowledge of logistics activities related to maintenance, supply chain, and operations of military naval vessels.
- Comprehensive experience of technical requirements and administrative operations for vessel sustainment (wide range of size and type of vessels including corvettes)
- Sound shipyard and sub-systems' vendor management experience
- Good network and relationship with European vendors and ship builders
- Previous experience with NATO type qualifications and operations requirements including all aspects systems involved (weaponry, fire control, life support, ventilation, power generation, MEP, propulsion, communications, navigation, etc.)

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Middle-East/North Africa




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